I provide counseling, consulting, and psychotherapy services for adult individuals and couples. My specialties include: grief/loss, anxiety, phase of life problems, depression, family of origin issues, spiritual concerns, sports therapy, sports related issues, infidelity, pornography addiction, substance/alcohol abuse addiction, and numerous other life adjustments. 

From the moment you arrive at my office you will be met with what has been designed to be a relaxing, thought provoking, and priming environment that helps create curiosity and tranquility. A high amount of consideration is taken in the process of establishing an environment that is not only welcoming, but enhances your ability to engage your inner world with comfort and inquisitiveness. From this point on, my purpose is to help you unfold your purpose for being in therapy, and collaboratively create, implement, and maintain a plan that guides you towards addressing and moving beyond your distress. It should noted that no 2 clients have the same experience, and that is ultimately the paradox and the beauty in which the uniqueness of each person’s story is unfolded in the therapeutic process. 

What every client can expect is full transparency, a dedication to your uniqueness, a deep desire to help you achieve your goals, an unwavering commitment to evidence based practices, a little humor, and a lot of listening. There never needs to be a worry that I will talk too much, give unwanted advice, reflect my personal opinions on your story, or lose sight of our professional relationship. It is my job to uphold the purpose of you attending counseling by always keeping my mind on your goals and connecting your history, stories, and experiences. 

Depending on your specific needs and desires I have the ability to use a variety of counseling techniques, orientations, and philosophies in concert and/or in an individual capacity to help create a high amount of efficiency. This is accomplished by a very open and transparent dialogue in which we explore and navigate the underlying themes of your distress in regards to the different therapeutic paths that can be taken based on your preference and season of life. It has been my experience that the most common and effective path for clients is the use of Cognitive-Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, Insight-Oriented, and Solution Focused Therapy are the primary choices. 


For many, therapy boils down to a single focal point of “Is this thing something I need to learn to live with, or I need to cut out of my life”. This question is the essence of what it means to be experiencing and confronting pain. Here begins the journey outward or the journey inward. This is where therapy can help beyond the advice of friends or a self help book, by holding an objective mirror to your life to reflect your strengths and weaknesses with the kind of honesty that allows you to move forward with empowerment and authenticity.