Therapy has the ability to transcend our individual ability to solve problems, it has the longevity to create a system of care that grows as we grow, and above all; therapy offers the opportunity to gain insight into ourselves. It is a beautiful privilege to be a part of a person's journey in uncovering parts of themselves, rediscovering parts forgotten, and seeing that gained knowledge directly influence their ability to make steps forward in their relationships, mental health, and life satisfaction.



Annapurna counseling is committed to leaving no stone unturned in the journey for you as the client to achieve your therapeutic goals. This therapeutic care comes with the highest of ethical standards, a rigorous use of evidence based practices, and a client centered approach that allows the client to directly influence and navigate the strategies and tools implemented. With the golden rule of “finding the right path” a critical amount of precision and consideration is at the forefront of every appointment in order to maintain the optimal potential for the clients to reach their counseling objectives. 

The Philosophy


I received my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Arizona University and my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Montana State University System. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor with Certified Level 1 training in Gottman Couples Therapy. In addition, I have received multicultural training through Native Americans For Community Action, Matrix Relapse Prevention training, and STOP program training (Domestic violence training). I have been working in the mental health counseling field since 2011 including roles as community health specialist, domestic violence counselor, group counselor, and behavioral health technician. Through my tenure in the mental health field I have worked in community mental health centers, inpatient treatment, Native American specific clinics, court mandated centers, and a federal treatment center. I practice under the title of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor through the Washington State Department of Health.